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About Zach Touchon

Zach Touchon's mission is to help others improve their lives by providing practical tools and practices that they can use to get what they want right now. 

Zach Touchon is the author of the book, "You Have Everything You Need To Get What You 

Want," a self-help book that provides inspiration and motivation to readers through life lessons and a workable program to pursue one's dreams. 

As a Creative Lifestyle Entrepreneur Mr. Touchon defines himself as a "Idea Generator" and assists with creative teams to inspire the free flow of ideas. He is an actor, a screenwriter, an executive producer, a musician, a gallery owner, and a leader. 


"There has never been a great warrior who has never faced a battle. Being in the trenches of life gives us the experience to become the great warrior in our lives." 

— Zach Touchon

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