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(Audiobook) You Have Everything You Need to Get What You Want

(Audiobook) You Have Everything You Need to Get What You Want


(Audiobook performed by the author Zach Touchon)

Transform your life with this practical and workable approach to self development that can be applied by anyone. Step into the life of Zach Touchon as he tells heartfelt stories from his experience as a creative entrepreneur and art gallery owner in Downtown Los Angeles. 


Zach Touchon is a creative lifestyle entrepreneur with over 20 years expierence as an artist, actor, screenwriter, filmmaker, gallery owner, musician, and creative leader in Los Angeles, California. 


In this book you will discover...

-A step by step guide to easily transform your life, your relationships, and your business that anyone can use. 

-How to identify what you want and what your major purpose is. 

-How to gain from a loss in your life. 

-How to identify what is holding you back and how to be honest with yourself. 

-How to uncover resources that are hiding right in front of you in plain sight. 

-Tools to help you deal with the things that are holding you back in your life. 

-Tools to put the assets in your life to work for you. 

-Principles to live your life by. 

-How to identify negative habits and replace them with positive habits.

-How to uncover your deep rooted fear and tools to help you overcome that fear and even use it as your new super power.


It doesn’t matter who you are, how much you’ve got, how much you don’t have, what you do, or where you work,  anyone can use these tools and practices to help them achieve their goals faster than you ever thought possible. 



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